Reliable detection and effective countering of unauthorized drones.
System architecture

With more than five years of mission experience working closely with law enforcement and military end users, GUARDION provides comprehensive security via reliable detection and effective countering of unauthorized drones.

The system features a modular multisensor toolbox design providing customized system solutions for governmental, industry, airports and other critical infrastructure customers – trusted, chosen and approved by military and law enforcement clients applying the highest level of
scrutiny and due diligence.

Our mission is to deliver solutions that are individually tailored to our customers’ needs, scalable and future-proof to withstand all
challenges now and in the future.


Automatic detection, classification & localization of drones and pilots

  • Reliable detection and localization of pilot and drone
  • Early warning capability
  • Passive system with 360° coverage (day and night)
  • For all drone types in all bands
  • Robust in challenging environments

  • Active system with 360° coverage (day & night)
  • Special development for small objects
  • Automatic classification and tracking
  • Optional: target height information (3D) and military ruggedized design
  • Passive system with 105° coverage per panel (day & night)
  • Detection with simultaneous tracking
  • Advanced algorithms for noise classification
  • Military ruggedized design
  • Scalable blind spot coverage (independent of line-of-sight)
  • Optical verification of detected targets
  • Increasing reliability of target classification
  • Day and night capabilities (EO/IR/residual light amplification)
  • Optional intelligent auto-track and classification function (AI)

Guardion React

Powerful core intelligence

Core Intelligence
  • Open interface architecture
  • Enhanced algorithms for sophisticated processing and fusion of heterogenous sensor data
  • Decision support, assistance functions and threat management system – automatic prioritization of high-risk targets in multi-threat scenarios, flight path prediction & suggestion of suitable countermeasures
Command & Control System
  • Based on proven military artillery command & control (C2) system
  • Scalable and networked C2 system providing comprehensive situational awareness even in dispersed multi-site scenarios
  • Secure communication in real-time between C2 systems and mobile forces
  • Interoperability with superordinate C2 systems


Intuitive Operational Picture & Dashboard 


  • Deeply integrated and highly intuitive graphical user interface featuring state-of-the-art design elements for real-time target visualization, system status and operation
  • Reduced complexity of highly configurable, map based operational picture
  • Dashboard providing analyzes of mission data and automatic mission reports (statistics of overflights, health status of subsystems, overall assessment of system performance and operation success)


Effective countermeasures against unauthorized drones

Smart Jamming
  • Highly effective jamming of RF control links
  • Minimal effects on other communications links
  • Selective low power approach allows omnidirectional and directed jamming
Wi-Fi Disconnect
  • Selective disconnecting control of Wi-Fi drones
GNSS Jamming
  • Effective jamming of GNSS reception
  • Prevents waypoint and return-to-home modes
Net Launcher
  • Neutralization of the drone (physical capture: net & parachute)
  • Fully automated on request
  • Impacts directly on the semiconductors of the control electronics inside the drones
  • Counters also way-point-navigated and autonomous drones, as well as drone swarms

GUARDION offers scalable solutions for detecting and countering drones in diverse configurations – fitting the individual requirements of customers and scenarios and providing straightforward installation and operation.

Vehicle based

Fully integrated into vehicle


Fully fitted into container, ready to be temporarily stationed anywhere in the world


Agile version for immediate deployment


Fully integrated in existing environments

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