• Automatic detection & classification
  • Early warning capabilities and minimal false alarm rates
  • Combining a state-of-the-art multi-sensor portfolio: RF analysis and directing finding of both drone and pilot in dense and congested spectra, sophisticated 3D radar, acoustics and optic


  • ELYSION C3I – Powerful Core Intelligence and intuitive C3I
  • Reduced complexity of the operational picture and enhanced decision-making
  • Providing interoperability with national and international standards and a broad range of interfaces including military


  • Layered portfolio approach of effective countermeasures
  • Against all control methods (including autonomous drones)
  • Minimal collateral damage on uninvolved third parties
  • Featuring: Smart Jamming, GPS Jamming, HPEM, netlaunchers


drone defence system for field camp protection

The German Armed Forces rely on tried and tested technologies to protect against the dangers of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

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Comprehensive airspace security – when it really matters

GUARDION is your protective shield against the threat of unauthorized drones – no matter where it’s coming from or what target or purpose its sender is pursuing.

While each of our use cases - ranging from delicate airport operations up to military camp protection under extreme environmental conditions - presents unique challenges, our customers share one joint objective – to protect their daily business from unauthorized intrusion and disruption.

Our mission-proven GUARDION system has been developed on customer demand and modified to operators’ needs – in the field and under pressure – to provide you with solutions that are tailored to your mission.

GUARDION missions on special occasions

TRIPLE SAFE FROM DRONES – Reliable Protection against all Kinds of Threats
  • Illegal intrusions into no-fly zones (airports or large-scale events)
  • Disruption of daily-business causes trouble to aviation safety, security & conduct of flight operations
  • Consequences: Claimed damages & possible legal actions
  • Smuggling of contraband, communication devices or weapons into correctional facilities
  • (Industrial) espionage endangers intellectual property rights & secret protection
  • Consequences: Concern to economic interests and general public safety
  • Potential surveillance of targets, distribution of propaganda leaflets, weaponized drone attacks & IEDs in theatre and conflict regions
  • Asymmetric nature of attacks leads to Consequences: Danger to personnel, assets & exposed critical infrastructure such as military bases

System Architecture

Deployment Options
  • Mobile / Vehicle
    Fully integrated into vehicle
  • Containerized
    Fully fitted into container; ready to be temporary stationed anywhere in the world
  • Boxed
    Super agile version for immediate deployment
  • Permanent
    Fully integrated in environments